J&M Mass LTC Gun Safety class

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Welcome to J&M Gun Safety.

We specialize in Massachusetts LTC safety courses.

NRA certified. Law Enforcement and Military background.

Private classes available. Will travel. 


Classes are $65 a person. 

Fee includes a four hour instruction on firearm safety required by the state of Massachusetts, study materials, books and writing utensils.   

Paypal  preferred joseph.sarno@comcast.net

Ask about our veterans discount!! 

What do you get out of it?

At the end of the four hour class you will have the knowledge of how to handle a firearm safely also you will get a certificate of completion to move forward to getting your LTC . MA applications and assistance provided in class. Certificate issued at end of class.



M1 Garand and M1903  WWII Rifles, Smith and Wesson Shield .45, Ruger .22, Remingtion 12 gauge, Glock 19 9MM, Ruger .357 Revolver, Rock Island 1911 .45, Sug Sauer P938 9MM, and the big black scary gun: AR-15.

You will be able to load and dry fire, using snap caps,  each wepaon.

Class Instruction

Includes MA gun Laws, guns and children, cleaning and storage and most importantly SAFETY!

Gun Safety class


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Gun Safety

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Weekday Classes available with special circumstances.